New Moon Apiary offers local raw honey
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Queen Bees, Package Bees, Nucs, Raw Honey
Located in Yarmouth, Maine

Karen Thurlow, Master Beekeeper 207-329-9934
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beekeeper microscopy classes
A simple compound microscope can help identify pollen, mites and infections. Other applications are viewing the basic anatomy of the honey bee and for the more advanced, artificial insemination.

What's New

Package bee pick up day is scheduled for Saturday, April 29th starting at 8am. Packages are coming from Georgia and preparations are contingent on nice weather. We are watching the weather closely and hopefully the delivery day will not change. We will let you know if there are any changes, check back on this web site or watch for Facebook posts. For the health of the bees, please plan to pick up by 3pm. However, we strongly encourage early pick ups.

 Microscopy Workshops

May 13, Topsfield Fair Grounds, Topsfield, MA FMI

Beekeeping in Maine

I have been beekeeping since the 70's and through that time have had many great learning experiences. Beekeeping is something I truly enjoy so when I decided to make a web site my goal was share some of my knowledge. I hope you find the pages on this site useful. Beekeeping has become a popular hobby in my area as with all over the county.

Early Spring


raw honeyRaw Honey available

Winner of the 2012 Eastern Apiculture Society Best in Show Comb Honey Award

EAS 2012 best Comb Honey Award or 207-329-9934